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Ok so I tried to put the pic that jigglyfrog made me for my birthday on my profile and if you go see you'll see what happened when I learnt a new skill! As usual it went pants so now *pouts* need to beg her if I can lin it from hers. Blooming heck what is the world coming to?! I mean take pity on poor students who really want to be all netty, but can't 'cos mean people wont let them. Humph!

Right yes that was random and pointyless!

Oh by the way Love and hugs Vicky and Lisa and Beth and anyone from Uni who bothers to read this - you know I don't think anyone does (except Beth who comments! ::huggles::!) People should comment even if it's just a Hi! I likes those! *grins*!

Oh and love and hugs to Elizabeth for getting a Merit on her grade 8! you should go celebrate! *ponders on the question of a surprise!*

Um yes went to work was all brainy as I was doing stuff I've never done before. Was brave and told my boss that I wasn't coming in for a few days as I was off to PARTY! Gradumation style with Mistress Kat (not that I can officially party gradumated style until next year and even that's looking doubtful since the letter I received the other day *shrugs* we shall fall off that holey bridge when we step in the middle of it!)

Um yes off to watch Soul Survivor and read some very nummy stories!

Night night my dears!

S xx

P.S. SHOPPING TOMORROW IN LIVERPOOL WITH MADAM KATHRYN! - I'm going to buy socks! *bounces happily!* Maybe I should have Dobby socks and then I'd get loads of 'new pairs of socks' 'cos you'd never know what you were getting! But yes new socks curtesy of my brother who gave me a tenner in my birthday card for said purpose! *huggles the boy!* He said he's get me Calling Tickets too! I LOVE MY BABY BROTHER!!!!!!!!! (he can be sooooo cute and sweet sometimes!!! (usually when he's a sleep though! lol! ;)!)

Right bye bye!
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