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Keeper of the Cages
Confusion at work

Lunch time!

Ok so will Severus and Sirius please stop wondering around my head! I mean it's all good, but then it gets distracting when you have to actually concentrate! (no they aren't being together they're just muttering things about Harry and what not!) Oh and then there was Harry blindfolding Draco, *jumps to next scene* Draco tells Lucius to which Lucius tells him not to Whine. *shrugs shoulders* I have no control over my thoughts!

In other news - It's pay day!!!! *jumps up and down!*

And you'll never guess what - I got a pay rise on last year, so now it's £5 per hour instead of £4.46 per hour! yay! Maybe that will mean I can sort out the mess I'm in over my bank account and then cover a wee bit of what I spent at the weekend!

Oh yeah I sooo didn't tell what I bought now did I?! *grins the hides from bank statement!* So I went shopping (on my own, which is never a good thing!) anyway I went to XS Music at Cheshire Oaks and they had DVDs 3 for £25 (there by saving £4.97) Ok so I saw the whole Hornblower set in the offer, or at least I thought it was the whole set but found out that they didn't have the last one so to make up another three I had to buy "Bad Boys" as well! Anyway that was £50 to start with then I went over to Borders and found that they had the last one so naturally seeing as I had the first 5 I had to have the last one so I bought that along with Total Film (with a nummy poster of Mr Orli with it!) and the book "I Capture The Castle" Oh and there was purchasing of B'day presents for Laura etc (which doesn't count as expenditure!) I met Kat in Borders and we went to SBs and bought a White Chocolate Mocha, Chicken with Pesto Sandwich and a choc muffin for me and a Mocha frap and a choc muffin for her! So all in all I spent loads of money followed by dinner out for Laura's Birthday. No wonder I decided to stay in my room on Sunday! I meant to go to Chester to purchase Monsters, but if I went I'd have spent even more so stayed away!

Oh Laura's Birthday was good! We went to a restaurant in Chester called La Tosca, Spanish. Anyway the food was good etc! So I recommend it! She got the "Birthday Girl" crown that matches my wand and she had to wear it the whole night! lol!

Anyway I'd better get back to work I suppose! *sigh!* (wonder if anything interesting will happen!)


S xx

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