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Lunch - Mmmmm foood! Lol! Oh you have to try Tate&Lyle's treacle… - Keeper of the Cages
Lunch - Mmmmm foood! Lol!

Oh you have to try Tate&Lyle's treacle biscuits! sooo very very nice!

Anyway Ice Age Party tomorrow! need suggestions for what to eat! Laura suggested Ice Cream and Iced Gems!

Today I think I'm saner than before! Total lack of sleep yesterday, which lead to me scaring Kat (sorry my love!) oh and work has been challenging so far today so woot! (OMG am I actually getting excited about accounts?! I think I really do need to get me some therapy!)

Ok so Palm pilots - good idea or what? I need to get something that works with word and is tiny! leads to the ability of hiding it when I'm supposed to be doing other things lol!

On with the work I guess! people are looking at me funny as I'm typing this and what not!

Beth if you're reading this can you mail me your new addy in ASH?! ::huggles::

Oh and ::huggles:: Vicky, ::huggles:: Lisa, ::huggles:: Kat, ::huggles:: to everyone and anyone I can think of and those I don't 'cos I'm a sieve (not personally, but you know what I mean! Right you do know what I mean don't you?! My brain = sieve!)

Going away now!

TTFN Love and honeypots

S xx
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