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SCARY VOICES AND CARS!! - Keeper of the Cages — LiveJournal
Ok so I just got back from the cinema - Legally Blonde 2!!!!!! Must see! very good (even with all the pink that is involved!) and Kat's house, where I stayed for longer than I should have, but hey! Anyway I was sitting in my car out side her house just before I drove off and I'm sure I heard a male voice talking so I freaked out and drove off very very quickly, even though I couldn't see anyone! Then when I got home I phoned my brother to see if he was in the house and if he could let me in (twit I left my keys in the house!) And then I was convinced I heard the voice again. To top it all off this sporty red car suddenly came down the road and was behaving really really weird and so I ran down the drive to hide behind my very tall brother! The car kept going forward then reversing and it quite scared me even more! Now it's parked on the driveway opposite my house and I'm all jittery! I think maybe I shouldn't get freaked out by random noises nor should I have Pepsi Max before going home - over active imagination!


So yes apart from that fun night! I even found that I own something pink! - Miffy vest top which isn't overly pink, but still pink! I was in shock! I don't do pink!

Right off to bed now seeing as I have to go to work tomorrow and get paid to check my e-mails 'cos they have no work for me again *sigh!* Like I'm complaining!!!!

Right yes Night night and what not!

S xx

Current Mood: scared scared

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