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Salut! Ok so last night was good! Though I had to spend money on… - Keeper of the Cages

Ok so last night was good! Though I had to spend money on vids when if the stupid bleeping boy in BB had been feeling nice, which he so should have btw, I wouldn;t have had to do *pouts*! Anyway I went to Kat's house seeing as it was her last night sans parentals and the first friday she'd had off work! How weird it was having said person actually around on a Friday lol! So we hired "Hackers", "Van Wilder Party Liason", "Kate and Leopold", "Chicago" , "Centre Stage", and "Harvard Man". We managed to watch Hackers, Van Wilder, Chicago and random other vid before sleep won! All very good and meaning have to watch tomorrow before they have to go back.

Um what else OMG I can't believe I didn't say it at the beginning, but.......PIRATES *swoons* Mmmmm saw it on Thursday and it was really good (yes you probably already know that 'cos everywhere else has had it for ages!) Anyway It was good. Orlando and Johnny were just Mmmmmmm *melts!* Loving them esp. Johnny's "I've been watching waaaay too many Beatles films" accent Orli should have been in his own 'lect though instead of standard, Only crit I have though! Heeee and he soooo looked like a muskateer at the end! *sniggers!* soooo cute! Oh and I owe my quote for the week to this good film! "Pain...Try wearing a corsette"! I likes and I shall use to excess, as with all my quotes and fav words!

Ok soooo blooming tired that if I don't go now I shall never get up to do all the good deeds I intend tomorrow...Yeah right like I'm actually going to wake up and also like I'm going to do what I'm supposed to be doing.

1. Clean room (yeah right like that'll ever happen!)
2. Go to Boots and purchase toilettries (might actually do this, though only if I wake in time!)
3. Sort out my crap in the garage (hmmm I'm sure my uni stuff can survive the Garage for a while longer and then get taken back in the same condition as when I moved out!
4. Mail Vicky about the house.
5. Go to sleep "Early" (never ever going to happen!)

Ok going to bed now.

Note to Kat: If you stay up late you will sooo get busted so....*mummy voice*GO TO BED NOW! lol!

S xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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