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Sundry things that occur - Keeper of the Cages
Sundry things that occur
Ok so I bust my pooter last night and now I've bust my pooter at work! *giggles* Oh well it's not like I've got any work to do anyway! Finished it and there is NOTHING! lol!

So what am I doing you may ask. Well I'm sitting at my desk, typing this, reading mail and reading fic! lol! And getting paid!

Hmmmm watched Centre Stage and most of Kate and Leopold last night and then did the dash to Runcorn from Kinglsley in 14mins - now how good is that considering it's mainly 30/40 zones and I didn't break the speed limit and it should take about 20-30mins! Go me with my superior driving skills! *pats car*!

Oh there's been thunder and lightening loads and I've missed it all! *pouts* I like lightening! Ho hum! My mum couldn't believe I slept through it all yesterday! I mean you would too if you'd had totally no sleep!

Anyone got any good reading suggestions for holidays?! I'm thinking I need new books and etcs!

Right I'm off can't think of anything else to write and well this pooter is likely to die before I can think of more!

Oh yes just one thing. I saw Bob Carol Jeeves (I have no idea if that's how you spell his last name, but meh!) The guy that used to have Spit the dog. He was sitting outside the pub between Kingsley and Froddy as I drove past. Random! Sorry!

Toodles S xx

P.S. spell checker is stupid!

Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: Good Charlotte (In my head)

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