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GUESSSSSSS WHAAAAT! Yup I get to have the day off tomorrow and still… - Keeper of the Cages

Yup I get to have the day off tomorrow and still get paid for it!!! *dances with glee* This brilliant fact occurs because I have nothing to and haven't for the past 2 weeks! And there is no work coming in that I could possibly do tomorrow so Yay! Holiday for me!!!!!!!

This brilliant piece of news means that I can work on what Amos is going to post while I'm away, loverly jigglyfrog is going to do it for me! (love you!!!) And also means I can lurk in SBs tomorrow when said lovely person is going to be inductioning and well I'm just going to research so I wont bug you I'll just have one coffee and a cake and read my books in peace!

In other news I have so cute new things - like a top part to a bikini vest thingy, but 'cos I can't stand the bottom part to them I have shorts instead! the top is cute - blue with this picture of a 1950's style woman in a bathing costume on it. Might just be worth wearing randomly apart from the fact that it's made of swimming costume stuff, but hey who's complaining?! Not me for sure!

Did I say that I saw "What A Girl Wants" on Tuesday with Mistress Kathryn?! Nope well I did and it was good!! All cute and sweet and weepy at the cute moments! I don't care that it got reviewed as "the worst film ever". I think the reviewer had been talking to my friend Alan 'cos he just sees a title and goes "it's bad" but if you have a random director he's like "oh it's soooo good I mean look HE directed it..." I love Alan don't get me wrong but he annoys me sooo much sometimes! ::huggles Alan to prove I love him!!!:: (yeah he's standing there looking confused! He doesn't hug, unless nicely drunk and then you can get about one! lol!!!)

Anyway what was I saying?! Oh yeah the film! that was good and what not! so go and see it!


TTFN Love to you all

S xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: happy happy

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