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(edited ´cos I´m a twit and forgot to take off the itallic and… - Keeper of the Cages
(edited ´cos I´m a twit and forgot to take off the itallic and bold!!!!)

Ok so I´m going home not today (saturday, which it is now ´cos it´s 12.51 here though in england it´s 11.51 so yeah what ever) but tomorrow morning (Sunday at like 6am though we have to leave here at 2.50am) way early, though wont have gone to bed so it´s all good and then when I get home there is going to be soooooo much I have to read! *grin*!

Oh and Woooo we have our new house! Vicky got the keys the other day and so I´ll be able to move in when I like, though probably not until like the day before I have to go into uni to register, but that´s not the point really is it?! I can´t wait for next year for somethings and others well you know what´s ahead yup the dreaded DISSERTAION! I think it should be accompanied with loud spooky music every time you write/read/say/hear that word!!lol!

Anyway one more day of sun and I don´t think if I haven´t managed to get a tan in the past 13 days I soooo wont in one more! Oh well I don´t really mind!

Right I´m off to bed ´cos if I don´t I wont wake up and then I´ll miss all the sun, well you know what I mean!

See ya

S xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: happy happy

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