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Ok I sneaked downstairs to mess on my pooter and well...that's it.… - Keeper of the Cages
Ok I sneaked downstairs to mess on my pooter and well...that's it. *shrugs* Bored now though!

I have to wake up at like 8am to wait in for the dishwasher chap to arrive and fix the stupid machine, which btw has been broken since before I went away. I really really have to go shopping and I can't, well not until either he arrives and fixes the thing or until like 2pm and that sooo doesn't give me time to shop 'cos I'm going out for dinner for like 7pm Not enough time if you ask me!

Ooh I think my dad's awake *types quietly* Shhh stupid keys clacking! Oh no it's my mum! she wont shout (much!)

My dear friend Laura, whom I have know for *counts on many pieces of paper!* 10 years (poor love having to deal with me for that long!) is all grown up now and qualified as a speech therapist! Which is good! But she's moving away on Sunday to go to a job and her own house in Worster (I have no idea if this is how it's spelt so forgive!) and I'm soooo going to miss her! *sobs* I mean ok I don't live here all year round, but still it's just weird and not going to be the same anymore. *sigh* Next thing you know she'll be getting married (though not just yet, unless she's not telling me *raises thoughtful eyebrow and makes mental note to question fully on the subject asap!*)! Well I'm happy for her with her job and house!

Right yes I'm probably boring the hell out of everyone and I have to sneak back up to my room before people notice I'm not there and what not! Though the advantages of having a door that you have to open a specific way to stop it waking the person sleeping inside the room people generally don't check if you're asleep or not if it's closed!

I'm rambling so I'm off!

TTFN S xxxxxxxx

P.S. I really now want a wispa so nice! Hmmmm might have to go find one tomorrow or something!

P.P.S. Any suggestions on what to buy people for shiny new houses?????? In dire need of suggestions!

Current Mood: Tires/awake/bored! meh!
Current Music: keyboard clacking

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