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Know what, I'm in the dog house, or at least almost 'cos my mummy is… - Keeper of the Cages
Know what, I'm in the dog house, or at least almost 'cos my mummy is not happy with me. you may wonder why she'd be unhappy with such a loveable person *cough cough!* well I went shopping with aforementioned people (jigglyfrog and her sister elbowyangle) and I went and got my ears pierced. Now normally it'd be ok to get the original hole done lower to match the other side, but the thing was that I got second holes done and the top of my left ear as well! I like it, but my mum soooo doesn't. *sigh* oh well I said that they wouldn't be in my gradumation pics (that is if and when I gradumate) and well seeing as my ears heal up real fast I could take them out whenever and no one would know that I'd had them done. Don't think that that argument worked, but it was the best I could come up with at the time! *grin!*

In other news saw "Camp" on Friday with Kathryn then went to the pub as a kind of farewell to Laura, Liz and Chris who are all moving away. Then on Saturday saw "Hollywood Homicide" with Laura and Kathryn as a final final farewell type cinema tripy thing! And now she's gone *sigh* to be all grown up and responsible in the world of work. I wish her the best of luck!

Manged to get The Two Towers back to the video store, along with 2 Weeks Notice, just in time. Though when driving out of the car park forgot to turn the head lights on! oops, but at least I turned them on before I got half way up the hill, that's the important thing to remember!

Only *looks at calender* 6 days until uni again. it'll be good and I can't wait!

Going to bed or to watch some film (haven't decided which yet!) Oh and I have to go buy a percolator tomorrow so I can have coffee all day long when I'm away! how jittery am I going to be by the end of this year?! lol!

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Current Music: Evanessence - Whisper

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