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Sensible and insensibility - Keeper of the Cages
Sensible and insensibility

OMG I had a dissertation meeting today and I'm completely scared by it! The guy said that the deadline for proposals was 28th November and then the final deadline for the dissertation was 24th April. In that time there should be lots of reading and knowledge and ARGH what do I write about?! I have no idea, though maybe something involving blockbuster films and books? Cos you know I know stuff about them, well at least from the consumerist point of view. Hmmmm I guess I must look into it!

In other news The sequel to JGE has been started and I can tell you that this is sooo going to make this year good! Distractions yay! I love them!

So I've got to go - going home and what not! I need to find a parking space lol! But I may be back later on - might try the weekend as I have to yet purchase my text books and have yet again forgotten to bring my book lists in with me!

So I hope you're all doing fine and having fun where ever you are! Not too much work yet for you Uni/school people and that grown-up work isn't too scary and evil for you others! Have fun and I'll see you later! ::huggles:: *hands over bars of chocolate* (I'm feeling in a "everyone must have chocolate" mood today!!!) Toodles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Alan chose the pic 'cos he said "they're all crap!" I said thankyou! lol! Yes I need lessons in pooter shiny pic making!

P.P.S. My horoscopes from theonion.com ....

"Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes, which is why the Japanese will launch a bombing raid on you Sunday."

Please all go and check them 'cos they be funny! lol!

Current Mood: energetic energetic
Current Music: Nah forgot the cd player again!

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