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Amos and the giggles - Keeper of the Cages
Amos and the giggles
Ok so I've been bad and I know I have, but I can't help it! All with the moving and what not so things get all pushed to the back and I really didn't mean to, but anyway so I only just found this thing like now. Actually I blame Amos because he's being a complete and utter arse and not there. Anyway the point is yes read funny!

Dies of laughter

Oh and 'cos I was told to... GO AND JOIN shrieking_shack All with the RPG and what not. And here's part of the blurb... "The Shrieking Shack: Harry Potter Marauder-era RPG and all-round angst-obsessed and fantastically fun place to be." So go and take a peek and you know join!

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