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Right so I've just had my first Development lecture and I can safely… - Keeper of the Cages
Right so I've just had my first Development lecture and I can safely say that I actually understood what was going on. Yay me! So that's two that I know something in *dances around!* Hopefully it will continue and if it doesn't well I can sort something out I think!

Books, now why on earth do book lists have to be so blooming complicated to understand and why on earth do the books you have to buy cost soooooo much? I mean isn't it enough that we have to pay tuition fees etc? Nope I guess it isn't and so to date my book list is going to cost me...£106.35 and that is the minimum I have to buy. *sigh* oh well at least it's on the credit card, which means that I can look pathetically at my parents and ask nicely for the money! (don't you just love parents and their wish to pay for educational things! lol!) Though there are a few other things on Amazon that I want too so maybe...!

jigglyfrog I send you post and random! yes I do! lol! Hope you like it! you should get it tomorrow, which I think is your day off *shrugs!* so if you're up and on line tomorrow round about lunch (12)...?! Anyway that's just by the by really!

What else to say? Hmmm I have nothing as my life is rather on the boring side! Though then again we watched "Punch Drunk Love" last night and I'm still confused, but hey! Then there was "The South Bank Show" on ITV that was about Ewan McGregor and that was good! Got my mum to record it though 'cos I wasn't sure that I'd be able to watch it, so Kat if you want to borrow the tape...

People are too quiet in here! I'm typing away making all this noise and no one else is. I be a disruptive element I am!

Oh and I think I left the front door unlocked - oops Vicky and Lisa are going to kill me when they wake up! *cowers in the corner until later!*

Current Mood: naughty naughty

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