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Yesterday's post - Keeper of the Cages
Yesterday's post
Ok so I meant to update yesterday, but due to my IKEA visit couldn't - well I didn't wake up and leave the house early enough to do it before my lects!

Anyway I have no idea how, when I went with no specific thing to buy in IKEA, I spent £76.10. I mean all I bought were a blanket (it smells of wool and shop - Eeeeeew!) and cutlery and a few wee things. Oh and the cutlery I just couldn't resist it 'cos it's called Dragon and well you know me and my linkages! lol! I'm a nut case! ;)!

Totally by the by that!

Hmmm Oh yeah Kathryn is an absolute love! Huge hugs and kisses go to her for the parcel I got yesterday! Eeek (see jigglyfrog's eeek Icon!) is now in my room, though he went in the car yesterday all the way to IKEA and back again! Oh and I haven't opened the Reese things, but will do when I need nummy happy things (could be soon seeing as tutes start next week!) I'll RSVP tomorrow to the invite!

Did you know it's exactly 3 months to christmas? well you should know this by now so you can all start thinking of pretty things! yes! Oh and just under 4 months to my half birthday!

Must dash as I have to go to Safeway to look at all the shiny deals they have! Have fun!

S xxx

Current Mood: Frozen

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