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hey! OMG what am I doing in uni at the moment? Well I have a tute… - Keeper of the Cages

OMG what am I doing in uni at the moment? Well I have a tute tomorrow and I have absolutely NO idea what to do for it and neither does Sian, so I guess we're screwed! Wooo! Oh well I guess I can use my "I'm rather slow and take pitty on me" face! It usually works, but I've never had this guy for tutes and so I have no idea if it'll work on him!

Tonight I'm dragging people to see Pirates! Yes I know I've seen it several times, but I can't believe that people here haven't seen it! It's just wrong and when I burble they just look at me funny! so meh!

Oooh watched "The Recruit" last night with Colin in it! Mmmmm! very nummy boy he is! Lisa and I were watching it, but people kept phoning me so I missed like this big section in the middle! Meh oh well I can watch it when we get back tonight and then it'll all be good! I mean I spend all week getting very few phone calls and then all of a sudden everyone wants to phone me! Geee! Not complaining though! I likes phone calls!

Hmmm must go 'cos I have mail to copy and paste! And "Baby, Oh Baby" is going to be the death of me! I can't seriously copy paste and rearrange with out reading bits and laughing my head off! *sigh* oh well I'll just have to close my eyes and hope for the best!

Love to all S xxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Random Beth 2! (I remembered my CD player this time!)

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