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There are just some days you shouldn't leave your bed. - Keeper of the Cages
There are just some days you shouldn't leave your bed.
Yup and to day is definitely one of them!

To start off with my alarm went off at 7.45, 8.00 and then I didn't leave my bed until 8.30. Fine enough, but then there was the "I have to make my cup of tea otherwise I wont survive 5 mins out of bed" so went to do that. Then the shower decided that it didn't want to be hot, oh no it liked to be cold (for me at least) this morning! Couldn't find any clothes to wear.

Left the house after nearly dropping all the plates on the floor and stabbing myself with two very sharp knives. (yay!)

Stupid old guy from the flat above decided that his car wouldn't fit through a gap that a big van had got through 5 mins before so I had to reverse so he could get past. Then the car didn't want to start for real yay! drove into the curb, forgot to close my door properly so it started making funny noises.

20mph on a 30 road 'cos some twits thought it was funny!

No parking spaces had to go all the way to halls to park. Tried to find Stereo box (hunt for 5 mins) found under seat. Then break holder inside cd case, realise no head phones so leave cds in car.

Get out of car then throw disc box across the car park, lucky it's a sold plastic one I say!

Get to lecture theatre sit down, stand up so someone can get in. Lecture (not too bad, but depressing topic. Might study for dissertation though!)

Go to computer lab to try and find info for tute at 1pm. Bugger I haven't found anything and I need to hand it in! Oh well looks like I shall have to go to the library and hope for the best!

Ok Pirates last night was good, as always! Lisa and Vicky liked it (yay! I knew they would!) But I was bad I was humming the st and waving my hands. I beg forgiveness for that, but I couldn't help it! They should just go see films with me for the first time and then they wouldn't have to have me going "oooh *squeak* *point* eee!" lol!

Toodles 'til later


P.S. wish me luck with the first tute of the year! (I'm not sure if twit boy is in it though!!)

Current Mood: Shrinking
Current Music: Nope no headphones=no music

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