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I sorry for posting lots of crap, but bored! - Keeper of the Cages
I sorry for posting lots of crap, but bored!
I'm bored 'cos I got all my mail before. Hum need new stories to read! Infact need to just forget the degree and well spend my life doing nothing but reading and whatever! I think it sounds like a good plan! Though certain people may not agree with me! lol!

Must go to Burger King - craving Chicken Whooper meal, even though I had one yesterday. No I'll be good and not go!

Anyone one to make pretty pics for me?

hmmm I want screencaps from PotC the bit where JD is coming into port on the mast and oh damnit I can't remember the other bit...What I really want is the whole film like NOW, but that's not going to happen so I shall have to be patient and sulk or something!

Going away now 'cos I'm going to die of hunger and that would just be a perfect end to the perfect day.

Oh no hang on can't die just yet going for cocktails tonight! Mmmmm! Alchyhol! yay! Can you say "Frozen Mudslide" anyone?!

TTFN Love to you all S xxxxxx

Current Mood: hungry hungry
Current Music: "hunger strikes" thing from shreddies and frosted shreddies!

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