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Heating! - Keeper of the Cages
Yes finally worked out the heating thing and OMG was it good! - only had it on for like an hour, but mmmmm soooo warm! lol! And then this morning the heating was on when I woke up! Don't you just LOVE timers?!

Crappy weather today - cold and well trying to rain, so I'm glad I have a car and don't have to go outside too much!

Stupid Stirling Council workers today parked their van in the middle of the road so couldn't get out and then when I was driving down one of the roads they suddenly appeared and walked out in front of me. I'm like well you block my road then walk out in front of me 5 mins later you are sooo looking to get run over! Didn't run them over though!

Oooh Teachers tonight - apparently it's the last one with the guy in it (can't for the life of me remember his name or the name of his character!) Oh and Sex and the City! Wooo! Oh dear I have no life!

Vicky said we should go out more and I said "what you mean get a life?!" Appparently that's indeed what she meant! I don't understand! Ho hum! could be fun I suppose lol!

MTV Europe Music Awards! Soooo trying to get tickets, but can't get them just yet! So I'm thinking coming in to uni at like 8am when they do go on sales is going to be a good thing! Oh and Kathryn's got that week off so she's coming up! Hope Laura can come up! that would be excellent!

Ok Got to go 'cos lecture in like 20mins and I have to still check my mail!

Kathryn have fun in Bangor and Elizabeth go show your sister the student life! She's missing it terribly! (I have no idea why!!!! lol!)

Current Mood: Yawny!
Current Music: The stupid pooter doesn't have media player on it.

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