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So I guess using lectures to write your LJ posts and also have Amos'… - Keeper of the Cages
So I guess using lectures to write your LJ posts and also have Amos' posts being written in the two days in a row isn't a good thing! The only problem being with amos_diggorys they are in need of fine tuning and therefore can not be posted. I had a perfect post, but it went straight out of my head so it's going to take some thought!

Anyway back to the excitingness of other things. BT is evil 'cos it costs loads to get a phone and then Broadband. We can apparently receive Broadband in the house at uni, but it's like line rental + calls + £27 a month for 12 months to get the blasted thing. Even if you get the call package thing it's like £17.50 for evening weekend calls (inc line) then £27 on top = £44.50 per month so £14.83 each - I can't square that with Lisa and Vicky, nor can I square it with myself! But OneTel, now apparently £9 line rental with BT, £4.99 calls and then £12.99 for netage = £26.98 per month so £8.99 each. hmmm might try it! lol! (wish me luck pitching it to them!

Hmmm it's very very cold! Maybe I shouldn't sit near open windows???!!! makes the white nail varnish I'm wearing look very very odd on my fingers! But then again they aren't supposed to be blue are they?! Oh well I've learnt how to keep my bedroom warm so I'm happy! (travel rug across the bottom of the door!)

You know I had loads to write, but for the life of me I can't remember a single thing! And it's taken me an hour and forty minutes to write this post! More like snail mail really! Going to go finish mail checking and then maybe post again (if I remember what I had to say that is!)

Current Mood: nostalgic nostalgic
Current Music: no cd drive on this pooter - how stupid I think!

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