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Hmm I wonder can you like go do an undergraduate course somewhere… - Keeper of the Cages
Hmm I wonder can you like go do an undergraduate course somewhere else once you've done one? I don't want to be a scary postgrad. I mean they scare me and I really don't want to scare myself. That would defeat the object of all points I feel.

Hmmm I need shiny new icons. Pirate ones and evil looking dark black cloud ones. yes that's what I need and if I find pics I shall make silly little iconses to use! yay go me with the creative!

Going to watch a video not this Monday, but probably next Monday on EMU. Hmmm yes exciting stuff I can tell you. I just can't contain the excitement! Am I being sarcastic do you think?! lol! I should reign in that tendency 'cos it could lead to all sorts of problems!

Hmm thanks to jigglyfrog I'm now looking at the Hot Topic site and I'm being all tempted by the shiny things! Is it wrong to want the "Pirate Girl" Corset top? or the "Shadow Temptress" Corset Top. ARGH they have a hat kind of like the one I want see. Damnit need to go there now. Wonder if they ship... Oh and shoes black or white. Not sure about them, but...

I think I should step away from that site now! lol!

Oh blast I can't get on to Amos' journal (*looks pleadingly at Kathryn*) can you check what I send and maybe change or cut or what ever and then post it? I send gifts of Chocolate your way!

Off to read peoples posts and also wonder where frances_potter has gone to. want to read the story, but can't. Toodles x

Current Mood: bouncier
Current Music: Not sure how to work the cd player on this machine!

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