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Ok to jigglyfrog sorry if you got in to trouble 'cos of me last… - Keeper of the Cages
Ok to jigglyfrog sorry if you got in to trouble 'cos of me last night.

Had quite an interesting night one way and another!

There was the whole I had minty lamb for diner, which was nice! Had been totally craving it for weeks, well ever since my mum told me that was what they had for dinner whilst I was here having pasta and sauce! Wine too, very good, but none left seeing as it was the end of the bottle.

Phoned Laura to ask here about NHS childcare facilities for Lisa and managed to ramble at her for a wee while, Head sets are so good when you need to talk and drive! She was at someones house so couldn't talk long, but the outcome is that we're going to go see Bad Boys II on the Sunday when we're at home for Kat's B'day! very happy thoughts! Especially if he does that "running with his top undone/off" thing he did so very well in Bad Boys I!

Spoke to Zoe, whom I haven't talked to for ages. Miss her. Couldn't talk long as Baby Lou was crying upstairs, but hey she said she'd take her to her Mum's on the Sunday and come see BBII with us! can't wait for that!

Spoke to Kathryn after work and had a scary time distortion thing with the tvs going on. We were both watching Film 2003 and her tv was a couple of seconds ahead, very freaky when it does that! Anyway I can't remember what the total outcome of that conversation was 'cos the phone kept cutting out and the last time I phoned back her Mum walked into the room, so I didn't try again! Oh I'm going to try and go to PartyLand today, so if you still want me to mail me!

Right I have to go seeing as it's now 10.41am and I have two lectures now. Probably be back soon! xx

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