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Ok there is absolutely No Nurofen in the WHOLE house. I couldn't… - Keeper of the Cages
Ok there is absolutely No Nurofen in the WHOLE house. I couldn't sleep last night 'cos I had a smasher of a headache and so I thought I have Nurofen somewhere, I always have some (unofficial house medical personage type thingy!) Anyway I searched my whole room, all bags, boxes drawns shelves etc then went to check the lounge and the kitchen and not one box or half packet of the stuff could I find. Now normally that wouldn't be a problem searching, but it happened to be like
half three in the morning and I was getting cranky! Found some random Ibrupofen tablets from Tescos and resorted to them. Not happy. But did make shiny new icons because of it! Many hours of wakefulness!

Slept through my alarm, even though I knew there was a BTman coming. Almost missed him, if I hadn't woken up randomly at like 10 I would have. So yeah we now have a phoneline! Just need to register for the calls and then the net! wooo!

Watched Lilo & Stitch last night with Vicky, Lisa and Beth! Liked very much! But apparently I'm crap 'cos I got beaten by the game on the extras bit. I gave up 'cos I couldn't do it *looks all sheepish* and it's a kiddies thing. See I'm very slow! lol! ;)

So yeah up beat part of the day there was, but gah! sooo tired and have to go shopping today otherwise it's all just going to go very wrong! Oh and watched Cutting Edge program from last night (I recorded it). Not a nice thing to watch - all about the Child Sex trade in Romania - All linked with my Development course etc, but still. One of the men on it was just...I can't find the words to say, he just, how could he and then say things about coming over originally as a charity worker? Is my world too idealistic and picture perfect? Maybe I'm just too much of an innocent.

Hmmm should go I guess! E-mails to copy-paste and then have to go shopping and then say toodle pip to Lisa for the weekend.

Probably be back later to register anyway, but meh!

S x

Current Mood: Dark
Current Music: Evanescence - Solitude

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