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Calm now! sorry about that! (Kat phone me? I'll phone back I… - Keeper of the Cages
Calm now! sorry about that! (Kat phone me? I'll phone back I promise!)

'K so NEMO tonight! Can't wait! I shall be quoting tomorrow! heeee! Though I don't think Pete will appreciate it when I do! Hmmm not sure if he's been to a film with me before...Oh hang on yes he has, but then we weren't sat near each other and I had Brydon to burble at! lol! Anyway not going to burble at him 'cos well I'm not going to and he would just look at me like I'm stupid anyway (what's new about that?!).

Though what I'm doing going to see a film when I have to do tutorial work for tomorrow and three essays by next week and I'm going home on Thursday I don't know. All my essays happen to be together. One for Monday and then 2 for Wednesday. How evil is that? And I haven't got a clue how to get the stuff I want off the pooter seeing as the files are too big for a disc and the CD pooters never work. (Kat...)

Got to go shopping, but I don't have the time nor do I have the money. Anyone want to live my life for a couple of months? (read: until dissertations have been handed in!)

This lab is freezing and I need my gloves!

Hopefully OneTel will send the disc soon so I can pooter at the house leading to less freezing of me and also cups of tea whilst I do stuff! Oh I think I've found the solution to my problem of the pooter files...nettage means I can take them straight to my pooter in the house, but yeah the whole needing the system set up disc. We did get the confirmation of being customers letter today, so I hope the disc isn't too far behind!

Saw Caroline this morning, she missed a lecture, but it was the first one of the semester so yay her! no more missing though! She went to be all healthy and energetic in the gym while I went to my lecture to eat mints and take notes!

Oh change over from Evanescence to Velvet Goldmine. (CD)

Speaking of such things Evanescence is touring and playing Manchester Carling Apollo 30th/31st Oct and tickets are like £16 (not on sale yet) I really want to go. Hmmm I wonder if I got tickets people would go?

And on to Velvet Goldmine (hee I link good!) I lent my DVD to Alan and he sent me a text yesterday saying "and you owe me 2 hours of my life. Velvet Goldmine was that bad." now I have no idea what he was on about and so I think he needs help! Caroline said it was because he didn't like that kind of thing (Glitter boys and Naked Ewan and Baby Oil). Who can't like such things? I ask you. I said he should and you never know, really, if he did like such things or what ever! ;)

I realise I am no longer making sense so I think I should go and find some tea at home! Oh and before I go. I have the cutest cup! It was a birthday present of Vicky! It's a Tigger mug, that has him sitting on the handle and came with a Tigger teddy inside! It is now being used 'cos I broke my other big mug *cries* I'm going to have to go and buy some new ones!

Off to home and work! *sigh* NEMO!!!!!!!

Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
Current Music: Whole Shebang - Grant Lee Buffalo

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