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After a flight and a quick shopping spree! - Keeper of the Cages
After a flight and a quick shopping spree!
I'm home and it's so very good! Miss my car, but hey! I can live with out it for 3 days *chants "All will be well you don't need the car"!*

So yes saw Kathryn tonight and gave her presents! Even got shiny presents in return, which was cool seeing as it ain't my birthday and what not!

She has/had (depending on if it's all been eaten or not!) a funky spiderweb cake, which I might add was yummy (I was given a piece! Mmmm!)

Oh you know I used to rant about the sniffing person in my lectures last year?! (probably not, but I'm going to tell you anyway!) Well I found out who they were, so now I can try and avoid them! I found out 'cos they were sitting right behind me in the lecture yesterday and it was to say the least annoying and rather disturbing!

Went to Borders for like a few minutes and bought myself the new Harry Potter Quidditch calender. Judging by the pictures on the back for my birthday the picture looks to be S Vs G pic with Harry and Draco facing each other! heee! (random I know!)

Right I'm off to bed seeing as I've been up since 6am and over the past three weeks I've had rather weird and lacking sleeping patterns! so I'm off to my(!) bed.

Tomorrow shopping and meal for the Spud's Birthday! Have fun!

Love S xx

Hope the mail sent to your group people Lisa and that you got some more sleep! Oh and sorry for bashing the wall as I left! Presents!!! xx

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