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HOME HOME HOME! Ok so drove down today - wasn't too bad apart from… - Keeper of the Cages

Ok so drove down today - wasn't too bad apart from all the rain and lack of sight! quite fun really! Excluding stoppages it took me 4 hours. I really wish that it didn't have to take so long, but hey it's fun I guess!

Sent eternaleponine a parcel today, but forgot to write a message with it so oops! meant to though! Just sealed the package before I remembered! Sieve for brains or what?!

Tried to see head of department, but was too late and had to leave. I suppose I can just mail him and ask for a few directionally things.

Went to Starbucks after dinner, saw Kathryn (till girl she was!) Had Gingerbread Latte Mmmmm! all festive and not November yet! Soo very good and so I must go and get more.

Writing essay on inflation. Need to get it done, but I'm really tired now. No must get it done so I can mail it to Lisa to print it tomorrow. By the way HUGE amounts of sweeties to you for doing that! :D!

I'm off! see you some time in the near future or what have you! S x
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