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Yup I'm still here (oops!) But I was looking at shiny things like… - Keeper of the Cages
Yup I'm still here (oops!)

But I was looking at shiny things like TTT DVD, which is out 18th November *notes in diary* And Pirates of the Caribbean which is out 1st December *Writes in BIG letters across diary!* The question being can I wait until Christmas for Pirates or should I use my vouchers for it?! There is no question for waiting for TTT 'cos I'm using vouchers for that. Did last year, will this and year and most definitely next year!

Ok going to sneak up to bed, hopefully I wont get busted! Night all

S xx

P.S. Went on he leaky cauldron and saw the link to Automated Detention, so I just had to have a go! so here's the results...


Sleepwalking is an unfortunate condition, and is no doubt a sign of a deep psychological disturbance.

You will spend next Sunday cleaning inkstains off Prof Trelawney's soft furnishings, when no doubt she will give you the benefit of her vast experience. If nothing else, it should put your own psychological problems well into perspective...

S. Snape


Well, in that case you are excused detention... and Slytherin gets 50 points for any distress caused to Mr Malfoy.

S. Snape

To be found at Automated Detention Dispenser

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