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Men in Uniform - Keeper of the Cages
Men in Uniform
Because I'm waiting around for people and no one said I bored them...

men in uniforms is the link, but because I want to post something longer than a link...


"I love a man in a uniform." It's a cliche. But it's true. A man walking down the street in ordinary casual wear may not make you look twice - unless he's as phwoar as David Beckham or Thierry Henry.

But put the same man in a uniform and suddenly he's something special. What constitutes a uniform is pretty much up to you; after all workers in fast food restaurants wear uniforms too, but we're only likely to want a cheeseburger and fries from them. Sadly, it's just not the kind of profession that you can base a steamy fantasy around.

If we're talking men in uniforms it has to be the along the lines of policeman, fireman, soldier, sailor etc. What is it about these kind of men that we find so appealing? With the assistance of Match.com, we've endeavoured to get to the bottom of this.

1. Why are they sexy?
The men who wear the kind of uniforms that women are drawn to are not your average 'white van man' types. They're trained specialists. They perform jobs that only a few can do. They're viewed as highly principled and honourable. These are extremely worthy qualities in their own right, but add a good looking man to the equation and you have instant attraction. Women see these men as 'real men' and their uniforms seem to underline that fact. They appear more manly. More masculine. More virile.

2. Is it the uniform or the job?
The fascination is definitely a combination of the uniform and the job. Think it's just plain coincidence that a current advert for a bar of soap [Sara note: it's not a flaming bar of soap its Imperial Leather's Bathtime bubble bath (this one to be precise!) you twit!] features a woman in a bath fantasising about naked firemen?

What makes the fixation so exciting is the implied actions that come with the profession; the quiet authority of the policeman, the mindblowing bravery of the fireman, the unbending discipline of the soldier etc. In truth, the fantasy is just as much about the role a woman can see herself playing as it is about the man in the uniform. For example, if he's a fireman, being carried away (on the shoulder) out of a perilous situation is an appealing prospect...

3. Are some uniforms sexier than others?
It's all about personal preference. Who's to say whether a fireman's kit raises the temperature more than a policeman's uniform? The one point that isn't in dispute is the adoration women have for men in uniforms.

Time and time again, "An Officer And A Gentlemen" starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger is voted one of the most romantic movies ever. And everyone's favourite scene? The ending. It may be corny and some men may scoff, but when Zack swings Paula into his arms and carries her away, most women would gladly swap places with her.

And just to prove the point I thought I should add in some pictures... ;) But well I searched and came up with these

google search

MSN search

yahoo.com search
- Q? how can you have gay naked men in uniforms? I mean doesn't the word naked usually imply lacking in clothing? *puzzled frown*

uk.yahoo.com search
- seems to be a bit more sedate than the .com search.

Right that's enough! I think you can all go and search for yourselves now!

Oh and thanks to hydaspes for the survivor links! Quite pretty, but a few scary beards! oh here go look at! :D

S xxx

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reposoir From: reposoir Date: November 14th, 2003 11:45 am (UTC) (Link)
Gawd, how I love a man in uniform. So sexy, such a display of true, noble manliness. Makes me melt every time. Especially historical uniforms....

Beards? What scary beards? Rupert's? My favs are the fact you can gradually see the regrowth of Ryan O's chest fuzz. *grins*
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: November 14th, 2003 04:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Men in Uniforms are so very very good *mind wanders off!* Historical ones Mmmm! Maybe that's why I have a thing for Sharpe and Hornblower and the like :D!

Oh beards on the whole scare me, well some do anyway! But then again I could have imagined scary beards! *shakes head*. I See what you mean about the chest fuzz :D.
2 comments or Leave a comment