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Hey! Well it looks like I spelt Stephen wrong! sorry about that I… - Keeper of the Cages

Well it looks like I spelt Stephen wrong! sorry about that I really didn't know! (Don't think he'll know though 'cos well why would he read this? meh!)

Anyway having more perspective today so to all you people I'm sorry about that and it's all find and ok :D!

So went for my gym induction and was all psyched up for it. Planning on going to the gym tomorrow etc. Got there filled in a form, was just about to start the induction when the guy goes have you joined the gym? We were like no we told the woman behind the desk, but she said to wait for you. So he goes right which one do you want and we answer the four week one. His reply was "Oh, you can't get that unless it's given to you by a member. We have the six week one." So no gym induction for me and Lisa and basically no gym. The stupid thing is the woman behind the desk last Sunday said we could have a four week one *sigh* and I was actually planning on going and using the gym. No I'll have to wait until I go home and have to deal with all the scary people at the local one and have my brother watching me. Stupid gym people, I feel like complaining.

Talking of complaining you know I was wittering on about the phone company, well we finally got a sane answer and they said that we'd get £5 credit for the internet bill next month, which will mean that Jan's bill will be small too! But the thing about the phone calls was that because we'd dialed the code they'd given us to connect to their service whilst it was still being transfered didn't boot in our phone package, so calls were charged at the standard rate. Now to me that should have been explained to us, but no they sooooo didn't tell us that we thought that we could just use the code and not have to pay as it would be under our package. Silly people. Might write another e-mail, depending on how much it pees me off over the next couple of days.

Right I'm off to try and add more icons to my thing *bounces* might post again you never know! bye for now. S xx

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