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Finally I shall post *grin* (been reading friends pages and I'm sorry… - Keeper of the Cages
Finally I shall post *grin* (been reading friends pages and I'm sorry that I haven't commented, but was trying to download at the same time - it wasn't too happy about it!)

Spent a very unproductive day today, but what's so different in that?

I have developed a cough, which is evil as last night it woke me up. Normally I can cough as much as I like in my sleep and the only people to be disturbed by it are my parents (if I'm at home) or my house mates, but not this time it actually woke me up - I'd only been asleep for an hour as well. Mish! I'm just hoping that I can get some sleep tonight as I have a 10am lecture and I missed it last week threw being stupid and no sleep.

Hmmmmm saw "The Wedding Planner" tonight as it was on C4 - quite liked it actually, bit random, but still! Oh and LA Confidential was on last night, but it was getting late so I switched it off.

Had chinese for tea tonight - very nice, but I think I preferred the one from "The Great Wall" which we had when Kathryn was here - the spring rolls were lovely and the Cantonese style beef had more sauce. Meh I guess it just depends on when you go really 'cos normally "The Golden Crown" is brilliant.

Must dos:

1. Go see head of department.
2. Go see Finance Lecturer.
3. Go to the Campus Supermarket to buy nummy things.
4. Go to Tescos to buy biscuits.
5. Download journals.
6. E-mail journals to myself.
7. E-mail Kathryn my debate for her Drabble. (I'm in the process of writing the 'mail!)
8. Phone my Mum and ask if my Dad can order me some new ink cartridges - none left and three essays due in a weeks time not a good combination!
9. Sleep!
10. Download new version of Adobe Reader

Ticks off number 9!

Night night all! xxxx

P.S. 11. put new icons up.

Current Mood: sick sick

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