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Wisdom of an insane me. - Keeper of the Cages
Wisdom of an insane me.

Thoughts for the day (not in a Radio 4 kind of way though!)

I think too much. When it comes to talking to people I over analyse. It's the same with writing, e-mails, posts, comments etc. I over analyse and then panic that what I have to say is stupid and then I don't say anything at all. I should stop with the thoughts and just go for it I guess.

My adviser thinks I'm insane. I walked into his office spouting an awful lot of rubbish and hoped he'd understand and help. He looked at me weirdly and then said ok. Hence I have a question for my dissertation and once my essays are over I have to produce two pages of notes on what is going to be in each chapter of my dissertation to hand to him. I think he might wish he'd never taken me on in a few weeks :D!

The reason mobile phone batteries die in the middle of important conversations is so that you forget what you were saying and have to start talking complete and utter rubbish to whomever you were talking to until you get back to the original point of "Right, I'll talk to you tomorrow." (This happens to me a lot - but then again I usually have to phone people a couple of times to tell them everything as I usually forget several important points that must be told straight away!)

Whomever invented high heels did not only as a torture instrument, but also as an advanced warning system of approach!

Right I shall be going now that I have informed you of said facts or what you will call them.

Night night

S xx

Current Mood: bored bored

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