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Why Wednesday? - Keeper of the Cages
Why Wednesday?
Oh my what ever was I thinking? How on earth did I think that I could study economics?! Or at least the quantitative part, stupid arse test thing that I had absolutely no clue what was going on, and this time I really ain't exagerating. My essay is I feel rather crap, but hey what do you expect I can't have a repeat of my first essay now can I? That would be just too good to be true! Oh yeah forgot to mention the 1st essay I got 85%, which in the strange world of economic marking actually is a 1B!!! How majorly bouncy is that?! I very much doubt that I shall ever receive such a mark again, unless the guy marking it is either taking something or feeling very very very nice! Oh or if I put in a few quid! Hee! Oh well that's just what happens when your brain doesn't want to do what you tell it to! *Shrugs*!

Ok so now I have a computer lab and then I'm going into town to see if they made a mistake on my receipt for the CoS st and if so I want my £2 back! also probably gonna buy the LOTR DVD! Yay! Ok gotta go, but have fun and I'll be back real soon!

Honeypots XX

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