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jazzbandmusic's Journal

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Keeper of the Cages
6 July
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I'm cute

made by jigglyfrog

made by jigglyfrog again!

i'm in gryffindor! i'm in slytherin!

Even before I start on me I bow down to the creative genius of jigglyfrog who makes all my lovely icons and this banner! so much love to her!


(finally I'm writing this!)

So me... I'm currently studying Economics at Stirling University. I've just (hopefully) finished my third year and so shall be embarking on the "exciting" world of dissertations next year (OMG!)

Fan fiction now rules my life - yes it's a sad fact, but hey I was dragged into this lovely world by my dear friend Kat and now she says my obsession scares her (well I must just have an obsessive personality then mustn't I?! lol!) So I apologise for excessive burbling about said things!

by MagicalObizuth by MagicalObizuth by MagicalObizuth by MagicalObizuth

I started with Draco/Harry and have now branched out into Lucius/Harry, Severus/Harry and Sirius/Harry! Heee!

Words that describe me... Shy, insane, bouncy, obsessive and calm! (any more words you can think of send on a posty to me!)

Oliver Wood is your perfect match.
Oliver Wood is your perfect match. He's quidditch obsessed. Not to mention hot.
Which Harry Potter character will be your boyfriend?
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I collect random quotes, but haven't gained any really good ones lately! So please send some.

Procrastination is my favourite thing no matter what I'm supposed to be doing I partake of this lovely hobby, though it's bad when essay writing etc.

Um I'm jigglyfrog's PA cheerleader and the plan is for us to go to America after I graduate, which I hopefully will be doing next year!

So yeah add me if you want! I like it when people do! And when I finally get round to it'll make this better I promise! (I've been saying that for months now!)[edit: is this better than before?!]

(borrowed from justaredherring)

Kilts are Hot Love

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

P.S. This is me when I'm travelling if you didn't already know that...

{ convert }

(from jmfossil pointed out by hunting_orc

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I am amos_diggory on shrieking_shack. A maruaders era RPG. I'm rather crap at it though and due to lack of net time can't do very much, so he spends most of his time being anti-social in his room! lol!

jazzbandmusic is on Soybean.
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